NBA All-Star Sneaker Moments

A few of my favorite All-Star Weekend sneaker-related images I’ve collected throughout the years.

1989 NBA All-Star Game
Michael Jordan competes in the NBA All Star Slam Dunk Competition
1988 michael jordan air jordan 3 white cement free throw line dunk contest
1988 NBA All-Star Game
1989 michael jordan air jordan 4 bred all star game

1991 sam dunk contest dee brown


1992 All Star Game:  Western Conference vs. Eastern Conference

1994 All Star Game

1994 All Star Game
1995 NBA All-Star Game
1996 All Star Game

1996 NBA All Star Game

1996 NBA All Star Game
1998 jordan kobe 98 all star
2000 vince carter slam dunk contest and1 tai chi
2001 NBA All-Star Game

2003 All Star Game

got milk? Rookie Challenge

2009 nate robinson kryptonate foamposite lite dunk contest

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