Obscure Air Max: Models You Won’t See in the Air Max Day Celebration

Although it’s just more free promotion for what is basically a corporate holiday designed to sell shoes (and I can’t even buy any of the shoes I wanted without winning some impossible raffle on top of that), I wanted to put something together for Air Max Day. By now all of the popular Air Max models and hyped collabs by the likes of atmos and Sean Wotherspoon have been viewed ad nauseum on social media already this month, so I decided to take things the opposite route and celebrate a few of the more obscure Air Max models throughout the years. This is by no means a comprehensive list of every obscure Air Max model ever released, but here’s every vintage ad I found in my scan archives of a big-bubbled runner that you probably won’t find while browsing through Instagram today.

nike air structure ad 1990 A.jpg

Nike Air Triax, 1990 – OK, not technically an Air Max model, but close enough.

Nike Triax Pre Ad 5.jpg

Nike Air Max Triax, 1993

nike air max 96 ad 1.jpg

The Air Max 96 is probably the least obscure of all the underappreciated Air Max models, but I love it so here’s both the men’s and women’s ads featuring Michael Johnson and Jackie Joyner-Kersey, respectively.

nike air max light III ad 1997.jpg

Nike Air Max Light III, 1997

Nike Air Max Triax 97 Ad Athletes Foot.jpg

Nike Air Max Triax, 1997

nike air max triax 1998 ad A.jpg

Nike Air Max Triax, 1998

nike total air max mark allen ad 1998.jpg

Nike Total Air Max , 1998

nike tailwind iii ad finish line 1998.jpg

Nike Air Max Tailwind III, 1998

air tuned max ad blow up doll 1999.jpg

Nike Air Tuned Max, 1998





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